In case you have issues with your DAG Databases replication in your exchange 2010 platform. Reseed is not changing any thing. I strongly recommend do the following steps. I tested it personally and it worked perfect with me.

1- Check the event Viewer no the passive node.

If you find event ID 4113 : Database redundancy health check failed

Database copy: DAtabaseName
Redundancy count: 1

Error: Passive copy Database Identity ‘ is not in a good state. Status: FailedAndSuspended.

Name Status RealCopyQueue InspectorQueue ReplayQueue CIState

—- —— ——————– ——————– —————— ——-
DatabseName\Passive node FailedAndSuspended 0 0 0 Failed
DatabseName\ Active Node Mounted 0 0 0 Healthy

Event ID: 3145 Incremental seeding of database encountered an error. A full reseed is required. Error: The incremental reseed process failed. A full reseed is now required. Reason: The log stream for passive database copy as no common log files with the active database copy on server .. Error: 0

First step to start fix this issue is try fix the content index search and try full manual reseed.
Fixing content index search can be done through the below steps.
1- To check the current status Run in PowerShell Get-MailboxDatabaseCopy –Identity in our situation you should find Content Index Search Failed.
2- Logon to Active node and restart Microsoft Exchange Search Index service.
3- Logon the passive nod and run this PowerShell command Update-MailboxDatabaseCopy –Identity -CatalogOnly.
4- To check the new status Run in PowerShell Get-MailboxDatabaseCopy –Identity you should find Content Index Search Healthy.

Next step is start full manual reseed.
1- To check the current states Run in PowerShell Get-MailboxDatabaseCopy –Identity in our situation states should be Failed and Suspended.
2- Logon passive nod and run Update-MailboxDatabaseCopy –Identity -DeleteExistingFiles –Confirm:$false
3- After finish Seeding check the states and it should be healthy.

Most cases the above solution will work perfect, but in very limited situations it will work for few minutes then new error start come up.

Event ID: 2163 The log copier for database ‘DatabaseName’ received an error from the source server ‘Source Server FQDN’: File path ‘\XXXXXX.log’ could not be opened. The system cannot find the file specified The copier will automatically retry after a short delay.
In this case one solution only will work.

1- Dismount Database manually.
2- Use ESEUTIL to check database states (Clean Shutdown or Dirty Shutdown).
3- If the database in clean shutdown states you can delete all logs manually.
4- Then mount database again it will start new sequence and new check point file.
5- The other case if the database dirty shutdown you will need to repair it first.

To check database states use Eseutil /mh Databasename
After that you will need to do full reseed again for this database.

I tried this and it worked perfect 100 %